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Active Shooter Preparedness and Response Strategies



Thank you for taking the time to checkout our Active Shooter Preparedness and Response Strategies program. My name is Logan Lee and I have been a self-defense instructor for over 23 years and a firearms instructor for over 13 years. Living in Jonesboro Arkansas, the site of an active shooter incident at Westside Schools in 1998, the term “active shooter” isn’t something new in our area. I felt like I needed to equip my community better in this type of conflict. So I began to search for a program that actualy taught people how to defend against a hunter with the intent on killing as many people as possible in a short amount of time; not hiding behind desks that don’t stop bullets, not staying in one spot hoping help will come, not throwing soup cans or river rock at bad guys with firearms. This search lead me to meet Dave Young (learn more about this in the About Us page) and choose his program to teach Active Shooter Preparedness and Response Strategies program. If you are looking for a program thats not the check the box kind of program call me and find out how this class is different.

What makes us different then the other programs out there? Our program, click on About Us above, believes in doing fire drills vs fire talks. We won’t just tell you what to do, we will drill you on how to do it. The trainings we offer are customizable, and have programs that teach the entire spectrum of human conflict. Our training tactics in Active Shooter Preparedness and Response Strategies program are court defensible and field proven. Don’t train to get it right, train so you don’t do it wrong!

I will come to your facility near and far, and work with you onsite and hands on. Also being an instructor for Arma Training and Vistelar, our instructors travel all across the country. Contract us for your trainings and see why our training programs are so highly sought after by military, police, corrections, and corporations. www.armatraining.com and www.vistelar.com for other training opportunities.

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We offer a blended learning program with an online component and the hands on component.


We can also come do a 4 hour block of certification where we do the cognative and the skills training at one time.

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